Climate change poses a significant threat to our environment, societies, and economy, endangering well-being and prosperity. By 2030, with a global population of nearly 9 billion people, we’ll require 50% more food, 45% more energy, and 30% more water while reducing emissions. Agriculture currently contributes 30% of all global emissions. Agros aims to tackle these urgent challenges by closing the yield gap and decarbonizing agriculture. Committed to climate action and rural prosperity, we registered our company in Singapore in 2019. Now, with subsidiaries in Myanmar and Cambodia, we work with over 2,500 farmers on 9,000 hectares, aiming to impact 100,000 farmers within 5 years. Our goal is to be the leading sustainable solution provider for crop farmers across Southeast Asia.

Our Story


Food production needs to double by 2050 with net-zero emissions. Meanwhile, 500 million smallholder farmers are producing 30% of the worlds’ food with increasing fuel & fertilizer prices and degrading soils, leaving them behind with a huge financial burden. Agros is here to make a change, for the planet and for the people.

Our Management Team


Max Nelen

Executive Director
Max Nelen, Executive Director, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a previous exit of his first company; he worked for multiple years as a consultant for Roland Berger and Rainmaking advising large corporations to innovate within the changing energy market and launch new startups such as Table Pointer and Solar AI.

Thet Win Naing

Country Director Myanmar
Thet Win Naing is the Country Head of Agros Co Ltd, the Myanmar subsidiary. Thet is a Business Development professional who is inspired to work for the causes which make a positive impact to the society. 12+ years experience in Consumer Electronic, Direct Sale, Renewable energy and Fin-teach sectors. Love to travel, explore, meet people & develop new ideas. Thet believes in the role of intuition in solving life’s and career challenges.

Soeng Vay

Country Director Cambodia
Soeng Vay is the Country Director of Agrosolar Co.,Ltd, the Cambodia subsidiary. Soeng is an agronomist with over 15 years’ experience in agribusiness, private sector development, sale & marketing and project management. He has a high commitment and contribution to reaching our company goal and has a passion to improve the agriculture sector.

Dara Ouk

Head of Digital
Dara is an experienced tech executive with 10+ years of experience in software development for Canada's leading enterprise solutions providers and telecom giants. He spent the next 8 years serving as a technical advisor to the public/private sectors to oversee 100+ enterprise technology projects across Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. He is passionate about driving socially and environmentally impactful projects and ventures across Southeast Asia.

Sandra Bos

Head of Product
Sandra Bos is the global Head of Product of the company. Sandra is a hands-on product manager with over 12 years of experience in the water, energy and agriculture nexus in various countries in East- and Southern Africa. Specialised in solar-powered irrigation solutions and passionate about uplifting millions of hardworking farmers in emerging countries through the introduction of sustainable farming technologies.

Obai Derawan

Finance Manager
Obai Derawan is the Finance Manager of Agros. His amassed skills with diverse experiences in accounting and finance were honed in the Middle East mostly in Dubai, UAE. With over 5 years of combined experience in domestic and international accounting, financial accounting analysis, and providing essential financial feedback to ensure accountability and profitability. He is recognized for work efficiency and innovativeness.

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