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Case studies to our customers

The concerns of the environment degradation and the consumer’s awareness about irrigation solution had increased in the recent years. The use of diesel engine always has the negative environmental impacts and many health problems caused by air pollution.  Sustainable agriculture is rapidly developing and is now practiced by our customers in the sustainable way and affordable way through the Agrosolar systems.

Cambodia, Bantey Menchey Province

Sen Odom, has been using our solar irrigation system for 9 months.  He lives in Bantey Menchey province and grows crops like longan and coconuts. His daily activities are to maintain the quality of farms, crops and also operates heavy machinery, performs physical labor, and supervises other farm laborers.

After switching to solar irrigation system, anyone of his family members can start daily irrigation without his help and now their farming productivity has increased than last year.  According to the report of ESG survey, the system lets them irrigate extra farms and save fuel cost to invest more in his business and family well-being.

Myanmar, Shan State

“This is our farm and our home where we live. I want to make sure my children grow up in the sustainable environment and save the world. Also, I want to reduce food loss and feed the population efficiently in an affordable way as much as I can.” – Daw Ye Ye Nyunt (Women Farmer Group in Shan State)

Agrosolar provides the innovative solution not only to individual farmer but also a group of women farmers who has limited access to the farming. Using solar water pump with sharing model helps increase savings and foresee the future of their children to study in the university. This empowers the women community to participate more and play the important role in the daily farming activities.

Myanmar, Dry Zone

Daw San Aye has been our loyal customer and she purchased two systems after experiencing the benefits of using solar water pumps. People told her, “You are the only one who is doing very great this year and you are going to earn more because of this system”.

Her neighbors failed to make a profit while they were hoping not to take loan even for the cash crops. The problem of rising fuel prices affected all of the farmers in Myanmar, however, she chose well and had her solar water pump installed since last year.

Why choose Agros?

Agros offers goods and services with the goal of helping farmers double their income and reduce the carbon footprints. There is no operational costs for water pumps in Agros. The services offer the specialized products recommendation which is based on the site assessment such as their farming activities and irrigated lands. Access to financial service is no longer a concern for farmers as they can arrange their payments using our seasonal financing and payback period under two years. Agros company sets up the whole warranty service, offers advisory services, and stands out as a trustworthy agricultural partner in SEA.