Agros is a one-stop-show for fruit & vegetable farmers for sustainable farming. Our unique combination of hardware, inputs, financing and advisory allows farmers to double their income while making their farm climate-resilient for generations to come.

As an AgriTech startup, digital transformation is part of our growth strategy. We are launching a mobile & desktop application that will allow farmers to make orders online and increase the efficiency of our field teams on the ground.

Solar-powered Irrigation

Agrosolar is a solution for farmers to reduce their fuel cost for irrigation entirely and irrigate year-round, reducing the barrier to grow additional crop cycles.


  • High quality solar water pumps 
  • Technical advisory, installation and after-sales service included
  • Option to pay after harvest


  • No more fuel costs for irrigation
  • Year-round irrigation up to 8 hours per day
  • Reduced upfront investment

1. Affordable solar water pumps

2. Installation & maintenance

3. Pay after harvest

Solar-powered Irrigation

Agrosoil is a solution for farmers to increase their yields and save costs by improving the soil fertility and reducing their dependence on chemicals.


  • Fast & digital soil test (10 min)
  • Crop-specific soil improvement report
  • Customized fertilizer bags (Biofertilizers, NPK & micronutrients)


  • Lower fertilizer costs
  • Improved soil fertility
  • Higher yields over time

1. Soil test

2. Agronomy advisory

3. Climate-resilient inputs

4. Payment after harvest